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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Sandblaster

Are you looking for a fast and convenient way to get rid of unwanted materials on surfaces in your home, buildings or vehicles? Sandblasting offers a process which uses abrasive media such as sand, glass beads or steel grit shot at the muted surface at a high pressure to remove any unwanted materials. Sandblasting can be the most strenuous part of any restoration project. But, with the help of the right sandblaster and abrasive material you will be able to get the desired finish you want.

So, here’s a quick guide the to the best sandblaster guns available right now.


Here are some factors that you need to consider before selecting a sandblaster


There are three main sizes of sandblasters that you can choose from;

Mini Sandblasters are small sandblasters which are especially designed for working on small surfaces and doing detailed work. these are most often small-scale portable sandblasters with small nozzles and can be used to easily switch from one task to another. Mini sandblasters are ideal for everyday jobs such as removing rust or cleaning marred surfaces on cars.

Large Sandblasters are less portable and comparatively bigger in size. They are difficult to be hand-held because of their size and therefore, they have to be mounted on some surface in order to stabilize them. They are generally used to remove old paint from rather large surfaces.

Industrial Sandblasters are sizable sandblasters which are sued for large-scale projects such as removing unwanted materials from the surfaces of large buildings or large vehicles such as lorries. These heavy-duty machineries are more practical to be used outdoors.


  • Fuel tanks – The larger the fuel tank is, the easier it is to get the job done in one-go. Small fuel tanks need to be refueled very often which makes sandblasting more time-consuming and costly.
  • Steel cabinets – Strong and steady cabinets are essential to keep the equipment steady while using and avoid any unnecessary damages to the surfaces and the equipment.
  • Tires – There must be steady tires to make the equipment mobile
  • Pressure Controls – A good sandblaster needs to contain a variety of pressure options. This makes a sandblaster more versatile and the user/owner can avoid extra costs of switching sandblasters for different jobs and save both money and time.
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Sandblasters should have the ability to use various types of abrasive materials for different jobs. Most sandblasters can only use sand. However, for a sandblaster to be multipurpose, it should be able to use other materials such as glass grits or aluminum oxide.
  • Lights – Having in-built lights in a sandblaster can be very convenient and eliminates the need to carry extra equipment such as large flashlights.
  • Container Size – having a large hull or a hopper in a sandblaster allows it to carry a large amount of abrasive materials. This removes the need for constant refills which saves time.

Best Sandblasters

Still finding it difficult to choose your ideal sandblaster? Don’t worry. Here we have listed down some of the best sandblasters available in the market right now.

1. Performance Tool M549 Abrasive Blaster kit

  • Container Size – 50lb capacity Hopper
  • Nozzles – 15’ material hose and aluminum blast gun
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Compatible with sand, glass beads, silica, pecan shells
  • Usage – Used to remove paint and rust
  • Working pressure – 90 PSI

2. Black Bull Buffalo Tools SB10G Gallon Abrasive Blaster

  • Container Size – 10 Gallon Hopper and 8ft hose
  • Nozzles – Ceramic nozzle ( + Bonus blaster gun with extra four nozzles)
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Compatible with sand
  • Usage – Used to remove oxidization, rust and paint
  • Working pressure – 65 – 125 PSI
  • Other features – water trap, filling funnel, canvas hood and pressure gauge. Suitable for independent users and contractors. Assembly required.

3. Lematec Portable Speed Blaster

  • Container Size – 18 Oz Hopper
  • Nozzles – Adjustable sand flow steel nozzle with an extra steel tip
  • Usage – Used to remove rust and paint
  • Working pressure – 90 – 125 PSI
  • Abrasive Material Variability- Compatible with sand, silica, glass, aluminum oxide, crushed walnut shell
  • Other features – comfortable grip handle, safety vented tank and gravity fed reservoir

4. Unitec (UNI007B) Speed Blaster Sandblast Gun

  • Container Size – 26 Oz
  • Working Pressure – 70-100 PSI
  • Usage – Can be used for small and quick rust and paint removals
  • Nozzles – Ceramic Blasting Nozzle
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Any blast media that does not exceed 14 grit size
  • Other Features – Gravity-fed, safety vented reservoir tank

5. Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Sandblasting Kit

  • Nozzles – Gun with ceramic nozzles and 10ft material hose
  • Working pressure – 90 PSI
  • Usage – removed paint, scale and rust from small surfaces
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Glass beads, steel grit, silica and aluminum oxide
  • Other features – It does not contain a separate hopper. It draws the abrasive material straight from an external container such as a bucket or a bag

6. Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun

  • Nozzles -1/4 inch nozzle with 1/8 inch air jet and 10ft blast hose
  • Usage – Suitable for cleaning irregular surfaces. Perfect for removing oxidization, paint, rust or scale
  • Abrasive Material Variability – Can use any liquid cleaning material o abrasive material between 20-80 grit size
  • Working Pressure – 80-110 PSI

7. Xtremepower US 61211 with Ceramic Tips

  • Container Size – 20 Gallon tank
  • Nozzles – 3/32-inch, 7/64-inch, 1/8-inch and 9/64-inch nozzles
  • Working Pressure – 60-125 PSI
  • Wheels – 6 wheels for smooth mobility
  • Other Features – Safety relief valve, pressure gauge, protective hood and water separator

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